Professional Status




- Determined Market Value of Equity
- Determined Market Value of Debt
- Estimated Risk Free Rate and computed beta using 10 years monthly historical prices for Lowe's Companies and the S&P500 average index during the same period
- Calculated Tax rate
- Computed Cost of Equity and Cost of Debt
- Computed beta

Creation date
25 May 2015

- Costco's first international expansion and issues and opportunities encountered
- Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Costco
- The advantages and challenges the company faces now
- Current sources of its competitive advantage now
- Sources of funding now
- Main types of risks Costco deals with on a regular basis and how it manages those risks
- Costco's Cost of Capital (WACC)

Creation date
16 May 2015

- Worked with team members to design and implement a database for Bike Assembly in order to keep track of information regarding employees, suppliers, customers, and projects involved with the Assembly's Operations
- Determined the relationships among the different entities in the database
- Performed E-R modeling, normalization and schema implementation using MS Access and Visio

Creation date
02 Dec 2014